Hello, and welcome to Stickymangorice! My name is Derrick, and in my spare time I love to do two things – travel, and create art.

In 2012, I created Stickymangorice as a travel blog to share my experiences from a year of round-the-world travels. As time went on, I searched for a way to make my blog more personalised, so I merged it with my love for art and sketching. Since then, it has morphed into an artistic outlet, where I could practice my writing and post my illustrations (which were sitting in books at home, not being seen), recount old journeys, and digest recent trips.

Why Sticky Mango Rice?

Sticky mango rice was a dish that Cindy and I enjoyed for breakfast one morning in Laos. The dish is sliced mango, served with rice cooked with coconut and sugar. To me, it represented everything that I love about travel – it’s colourful, it’s exotic, it invoked a sense of lightness, fun and vitality – and of course, trying new foods is one of the best things about travelling!